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December 3, 2019

Over the last few days I have come in for a lot of flack when it comes to my so called “leadership” style and some, not many, but some have questioned the way I work. Fair call. The thing is you must roll with punches in order to get what needs to be done; done. Someti...

September 29, 2019

This is what the daily struggle of life looks like and what we can all do about it.

Life in Aotearoa is a game of two halves. By that I mean those who are doing ok and those who are struggling when it comes to every day of life. But; when you peer beneath the polished v...

August 29, 2019

Did you know the Maori Council wanted all teachers in training to be trained in Te Reo Maori? 1964

Having published the annual report of the Maori Education Foundation the Council reflected on what was being suggested –

“Because of our better understanding of the difficu...

August 23, 2019

Wherever you look these days, not matter the developed country, whole population groups and peoples struggle with the daily grind of life. From children in state care to mental health, from affordable housing to the primary health system and from education to employmen...

November 12, 2017

Getting customers for your business is crucial for its success. But first, you have to understand their needs. In the end, customers do have one thing often underestimated: the power of spending.

There is a truism in business that the customer is always right – the trut...

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Sir Apirana Ngata was a man who set the pace of his times and a true Maori leader. He has often been described as the foremost Māori politician to have ever served in Parliament, and is also known for his work in promoting and protecting Māori culture and language. In the 1905 election, Ngata himself stood as the Liberal candidate for the Eastern Maori electorate, challenging the incumbent Wi Pere. He was elected to Parliament.


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Sir Apirana Ngata

Inspiring Maori Leader

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