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Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

The National Symposium 2nd & 3rd of November 2017  

Ngā Ngaru Innovation Awards

With so many organisations out there doing amazing things we decided it was time to design awards that reflected the power and innovation of our people...

The awards and the nomination process

  • Award One: Innovation in Māori Business

  • Award Two: Innovation in  Māori Communities

  • Award Three: Innovation Māori Leadership



Award One: Innovation in  Māori Business

This award recognises innovation when it comes to  Māori in business. This can include both large and small organisations, entrepreneurs and small business. The aim is to recognise how the business or organisation has grown, why it is so successful and why they believe they have had such an impact on  Māori when it comes to economic development or business.

Criteria for Award One: The organisation or person must be involved in the delivery or development of services or business that further  Māori economic development entrepreneurship or business (small to medium and large).

Award Two: Innovation in  Māori Communities

This award recognises  Māori organisations who provide services to the community. It recognises those organisations who have had, and continue to have, an impact when it comes to community services and initiatives

Criteria for Award Two: The organisation or person must be involved in the delivery or development of services or initiatives at the local and community level that have been successful in furthering the aims and aspirations of our people or where a service has been delivered around health, social services or initiatives. 

Award Three: Innovation in  Māori Leadership

This award recognises a  Māori leader – someone who has had a significant impact on the nation, the world at large or our people.

Criteria for Award Three: This award is determined by the Board of Ngā Ngaru and will take submissions from the general public. The criteria are: proven track record in a leadership role for Māori proven track record on furthering the aspirations or Māori.

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