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Welcome to Maori Everywhere!

Image: Nga Ngaru Chair, Mere Balzer

For the last 18 months Nga Ngaru has been travelling throughout Aotearoa and connecting with Maori everywhere, including overseas; we want to make sure as many of our people are connected as possible. The challenge has always been that for many decades we have become a people on the move for a range of different reasons. On the one hand its about the need to move because of economic or financial reasons while on the other its been because our loved ones or whanau have moved.

For many Maori moving to another location, city or even country can mean that the time between connection with culture and home becomes prolonged and, after a time, can be wafer thin. That is why we established Nga Ngaru - to be a bridge between Iwi at home and Maori people wherever they may be. Not only does this mean ensuring connections remain but are rediscovered. The launch of our new news and insights channel is about being able to provide a platform for Iwi and Maori to connect, share news and insights, knowledge and information. Its also about understanding where we are now all living our lives both physically and online.

Maori everywhere will also be a platform where you can subscribe to our latest news, provide you with the ability to reconnect with your local Iwi and, in coming months, help you to identify specifically what your Iwi might be.

"But wait, making connections is even bigger than connecting Iwi with its people or visa versa, it is about Maori business connections, Maori Arts connections and Maori health and social services connecting with each other and with their whanau base. If there is a connection to be made we will facilitate or support a connection to occur."

So, sit back, join the conversation and lets connect...

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