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Ture Whenua Maori hearing: greater autonomy needed


"Greater autonomy and protection of rights for Maori landowners" says FOMA at Ture Whenua Maori hearing today

With the Te Ture Whenua Maori Bill select committee hearing process in its final stages, FOMA is at the table to ensure the historical property rights of Maori landowners are protected, so we can continue to develop our lands for the commercial and economic benefit of our owners says Traci Houpapa, FOMA chairman

FOMA has been the recognised driver of the Maori economy for more than 30 years and its members represent the largest grouping of Maori freehold land owners impacted by the TTWM reforms. As such, the Federation has been well equipped to advise and assist the government through the reform process.

“FOMA’s submission to the select committee today acknowledges that Maori land owners whose interests fall under this legislation will be safeguarded for future generations. We are confident that our submission incorporates all that matters to our members and all Maori landowners.” says Liz Mellish, FOMA TTWM Technical Advisory Group chair.

FOMA is calling on Government to properly resource the new Maori Land Service proposed under the reforms to ensure that the service has the capacity and capability to necessary to meet the growing needs of Maori land owners.

“As our focus now turns to the development of the new Maori Land Service, FOMA will continue to work with Government to ensure best outcomes for those we represent.”

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