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Maori Council calls on Government to get to the bottom of spying allegations & calls former Gove

The New Zealand Maori Council and the National Maori Authority have called on the Government to instigate an Inquiry or ask the Speaker to convene a cross party select committee to investigate the claims and allegations surrounding Investigation Agency Thompson and Clark. In the last few days a damning report has been published by the State Services Commission outlining a series of failings around the use of private investigators as those “moonlighting” for them. Executive Director of the Maori Council and Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, says that Ministers in the former Government must now be investigated and also held to account:

“The revelations about who and how these people were able to spy on New Zealanders and, in particular, Maori and Iwi organisations are an absolute disgrace. This private company had access not only to the most sensitive of data and intelligence about our people and the organisations they represent but we now find out that they were employing serving Police Officers on the payroll after hours.” Tukaki said

“Someone needs to explain his these people got access to the Transport Agency Database and what gave them the power and authority to gather intelligence. The New Zealand Police have also found that 16 officers, that’s serving officers, have given information to this company over the last 15 years. The very institutions that Maori and all New Zealanders are meant to trust and have faith on have been spying on us all along – well, not only does it need to stop but a wider ranging investigation needs to be had into this quite frankly despicable behavior.” Tukaki said

“Now there are questions about what former Ministers in the former National Government knew – well, in order for the truth to be examined all of them need to be bought before an Inquiry to explain. All documents and information must be released in detail about who was subject to this surveillance and who signed off on it. I want to know who paid the cheques, who signed the contracts and who authorized the payments.” Tukaki said

“Quite frankly Maori are sick and tired of this behavior. Being spied on in our own land as we try and push forward when it comes to resolving many injustices of the past. These cowboys have been operating on behalf of the Crown – lets not lose sight of that. And; this is why the State Services Commission need to review all current Board appointments and haul each Chair of each Government State Owned Enterprise or Quango in to ensure they too are not heading down the slippery slope.” Tukaki said

“Its time for the Speaker of the House to get involved, the whips of the respective parties, and ask some heavy hitting questions of this former National Mob under who’s watch this all appeared to have taken place.” Tukaki said

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