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Finance Minister should sack the Treasury Secretary; a review of all senior civil servants performan

New Zealand Maori Council has called on the Treasury to be sacked or resign. Spotlight needs to turn on the incompetence of the public service.

Finance Minister should sack the Treasury Secretary; a review of all senior civil servants performance needs to be bought on

The Secretary to the Treasury should resign and resign without delay. When I was made aware on Tuesday that the budget papers had been leaked I also went to the Treasury website to download the previous budget votes to do a comparison. To my shock the directory of 2019/20 budget papers was available online also. There was no leak from inside the public service or the government – there was no hack. It was all a lie by one of the nation’s most senior civil servants -the Secretary to the Treasury – and he must go. In actual the Finance Minister should not wait for the resignation. As soon as the budget has been delivered in the Parliament the Secretary to the Treasury should be sacked.” Tukaki said

“Here is the problem. The Government needs to get control over the public service and put down the foot that they are there to implement the decisions and policies of the government in a timely and open way. What we have here is a public service off doing what they want and taking the time they want. The Ministry of Health have completely failed the New Zealand public on a number of fronts from their monitoring of the DHB;s to mental health. PHARMAC could not mount a business case for additional funding and so run a racket where they have led others and Ministers to believe they are untouchable. The Ministry of Education could not find hundreds of school teachers for the beginning of the school year – that train wreck doesn’t just magic itself up overnight.” Tukaki said

“And here we are as Maori, as New Zealanders, forced to interact with these agencies and its like banging your head up against the brick wall. Now; if the State Services Commissioner can’t get his executives under control and if Minsters find their Departmental heads as barriers and roadblocks then sack them. Sack them and appoint people who can actually turn this ship around.” Tukaki said

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