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Don't be left out of the suicide prevention discussion by the Ministry of Health

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has released several papers in relation to the development of a national Suicide Prevention Strategy. But; they failed to engage with either the New Zealand Maori Council and the National Maori Authority as well as a great many of our people and organisations. We take the view that all of you should have a voice, all of Maori should have a stake in this. We are, after all, the highest rate per head of population.

So thanks to a third providing the information to us we have decided to publish it so all of you can have your say. Attached below are the two documents. We encourage you to read them and respond to them. Secondly we have published the email addresses of the MoH official who has circulated the documents as well as the Minister of Health, David Clark. Also attached is a link to the New Zealand Maori Council

It is obvious to both the New Zealand Maori Council and the National Maori Authority that the Minister has failed to listen and certainly the Ministry of Health has failed to engage.


Contact email addresses:

  • MoH:

  • MoH:

  • Minister of Health:

And i would like to hear from you about your thoughts @

Matthew Tukaki

Executive Director of the New Zealand Maori council

Executive Chair of the National Maori Authority

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