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Banking Royal a Commission a must because of mistrust: NZ Maori Council

Banking Royal a Commission a must because of mistrust: NZ Maori Council

The New Zealand Maori Council is calling on the Government to instigate a Banking Royal Commission after more revelations emerged The Bank of New Zealand has struggled to comply with laws meant to prevent criminals and terrorists laundering money through its accounts*. The revelations come after a whistle blower in Australia released a vast array of documents in respect of the BNZ’s parent, the National Australia Bank. Council Executive Director, Matthew Tukaki, has said it has been a long-held belief that what has been happening in Australia could also be rampant in New Zealand:

“All of our major banks are owned by the Australian big four who were all called to account by that countries Royal Commission. What was discovered was a horrendous misuse of power that saw many everyday people bought to their knees, farm closures, mortgagee sales and more. We would be naïve to believe similar practices and behaviors were not rife here.” Tukaki said

“I mean let’s face it an audit of the BNZ found that it was at risk of 11 contraventions of this nations anti-money laundering and counterfeiting laws. That is just the tip of the iceberg given the debacle that was the “moving on” of the ANZ CEO by former Prime Minister, John Key.”

“That is just one reason why we need a banking royal commission with other reasons being my concern that small business owners and farmers are getting a dud deal and also I want the practices of banks examined when it comes to their treatment of Maori, ethnic groups and the unemployed – in other words I want to know exactly what lending practices have been breached in terms of human rights and the rights of all New Zealanders to have access to finance and capital.” Tukaki said

“It’s not only time for a reckon; it’s time for all New Zealanders, Maori among them, to have their voices heard when it comes to our banks and banking system. The New Zealand Maori Council would be more than happy to assist the Government in building a term of reference.” Tukaki said

*Reference made to an investigative piece by Adele Ferguson of the Sydney Morning Herald

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