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Council Executive Director calls Mayoral Candidate a dog whistler - says she should stand down

Council Executive Director calls Mayoral Candidate a dog whistler - says she should stand down

The New Zealand Maori Council has called for Western Bay of Plenty Mayoral Candidate, Margaret Murray-Benge to “pull her head in” after proposing blocking the return of land to local Iwi where the land was sold by missionaries who never owned it. Matthew Tukaki, Executive Director of Council has also sad Murray-Benge should just “stop hiding behind nonsense statements and just be honest that she doesn’t like us Maori anyway.”

Tukaki’s comments are in response to comments made by the candidate in respect of the gifting of a portion of land and an historic site back to the care and protection of local iwi.

“Murray-Benge has some warped view of the world and is doing nothing more than scare-mongering and dog whistling that somehow the return of this stolen land would lead to a run on other parcels. It is pure fantasy and pure stupidity on behalf of a candidate that quite clearly just needs to put herself out to pasture. The harsh reality is that land across the Tauranga Moana region was either confiscated or taken without cause. For the land that has fallen into public ownership then yes it should be returned – but this self sparky recalcitrant dog whistler either doesn’t know about the history of the area or just doesn’t care. But then I wonder if she gets this approach from Don Brash – maybe there is some coffee shop where they dream up new ways and means to heap crap on Maori people.” Tukaki said.

“Her statement that “whatever they say today, you cannot guarantee” meaning our people is also boarding on insult and the people of Tauranga deserve better than this stuck in her old ways sort of nonsense.” Tukaki said

“Here’s the thing – this sort of candidate and public official sits in these positions and do no more than to halt progress than push us all forward together. I say to the people of Tauranga Moana – my home town; that Margaret Murray-Benge, and her mates at Hobsons Pledge, are long past their expiry date. Vote for progress, vote for unity and don’t vote for dog whistling.” Tukaki said

The New Zealand Maori Council will be looking carefully at Mayoral candidates across the nation in areas where Maori and Non-Maori relations have been on the decline.

“Maybe Margaret considers her time best served listening to re-runs of dad and dave.” Tukaki said

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