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Maori Council threatens AIR NZ with the courts for the use of the word “Kia Ora”

Maori Council threatens AIR NZ with the courts for the use of the word “Kia Ora”

The New Zealand Maori Council has told the CEO of Air New Zealand to pull his head in and warned that it will not put up with the nonsense of the company trying to trade-mark “Kia Ora”. Council Executive Director Matthew Tukaki as also indicated that he is more than willing to throw the airline into the courts and said the hair brained scheme is an insult to all Maori and all New Zealanders during Maori language week:

“Lets be really clear here this is an insult pure and simple. Luxton and his massive fleet of PR and marketing cronies have come up with another hairbrained scheme from the never never similar to some of their safety videos – my suggestion is stick to your core business because you sure as hell don’t get to trademark Maori words. If Luxton wants to continue this hoha then prepare for the day when we simply turn around and say – Maori, Maori organsations and iwi – boycott. Not one more Air NZ ticket. And on that point I suggest the largest shareholder go and give this recalcitrant company a good telling off” Tukaki said

“Look here is the thing – I am sick and tired of cultural appropriation and in fact all Maori are – our language is a national treasure for all of us and we need to respect it. Its not here for business to use it and profit from it as they see fit. So lets all get sensible about this and Air NZ – cut it out.” Tukaki said

“Christopher Luxon – I’m no pussycate nor will I put up with this hoha / nonsense so if we want to test the resolve or Maori lets dance.” Tukaki said

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