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Maori Council urges calm amongst the gangs – urges an enduring solution

Maori Council urges calm amongst the gangs – urges an enduring solution

The New Zealand Maori Council is urging the Black Power and Mongrel Mob to call a moratorium on any other unrest in the Hawkes Bay – the Councils Executive Director, Matthew Tukaki, has also said he is happy to come to the Hawkes Bay and hui with both sides, Kanohi ki te kanohi, to see if a resolution can be reached.

“There is no doubt we have some problems here. There is no doubt the unrest and alleged violence is creating great grief not only in the community but also within the two groups – but I would also say this is not who we are both as a country and as Maori.” Tukaki said

“Violence and the use of weapons, pouring hurt and pain on each other often trickles down to innocent people and bystanders – in particular whanau and tamariki.” Tukaki said

“Yes, the law tells us the Police need to do their job – but I and we are standing up and saying everyone stand back, just step back for a moment – think about the vast number of people being impacted on all sides from within both gangs, the community and whanau – and lets korero on how we can resolve the issues on the table.” Said Tukaki

“From a broader political perspective, I get that everyone is running towards a crackdown on crime – but let’s work on an enduring solution, let’s work on a Maori led solution.” Tukaki

“The invitation is there and happy to hui with all sides.” Tukaki said

“Our primary concern should be the wellbeing of all Maori and all New Zealanders across all communities – to live their lives unencumbered by violence.” Tukaki said

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