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Helping our whanau one step at a time - suicide prevention & mental health

Sharing stories from those impacted by suicide and mental health

I am of Nga Puhi Descent, My Mother comes from Whirinaki, South Hokianga and My Father from Rawhiti, Bay of Islands.

I am the Advocate for HEALnz and also a trauma survivor. I want to be able to help by supporting other trauma survivors and being able to show them the path to healing because I myself had little to no support at the start of my journey, which made me feel ignored and alone.

I know now how important support is to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

I would like to be able to help other people who are trauma survivors, in particular the people that other people can’t seem to reach due to their living circumstances or challenging backgrounds.

I became an advocate for trauma victims at HEALnz to help bridge the gap between the victim, the counsellor/therapist and the NZ Police if the survivors and victim’s wishes their abuser/s to be held in account for their atrocities they have had done to them.

Thanks to having regular ACC approved counselling sessions, I have been able to begin dealing with my “demons from my past” and get below my “staunch exterior” and find my little girl that suffered trauma in my young years.

I have the life skills and experience, but knew I needed to gain an education to be able to work within my chosen field of trauma survivors, recently graduating with HEALnz support with the New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing.

I know that I can reach certain groups that have endured trying situations in the past, who may also have trust issues with those in authority and that not many people can reach.

I am also a mother of a 31-year-old son Benjamin who completed suicide in Brisbane, Australia on March 30th , 2016 I have had to face many hurdles over these past 4 years trying to deal with my son Benjamin’s personal matters in Australia from here in New Zealand and it motivates me to also advocate for suicide prevention awareness within my community.

HEALnz wishes to thank Four Winds Foundation for funding my role in supporting the trauma survivors and also sexual abuse survivors in the community.

My challenge in the future is to be visible in the community in the fight back against traumatic sexual abuse/violence. I feel I have a sense of purpose and now know finally where I belong in this world.

To contact Tina phone 09 946 7208

Tina Kaio , HEALnz Advocate

HEALnz Work 099467208 Email / Work Work 28a Puckey Ave, Kaitaia , Northland 0410 NZ 8:30a.m - 5p.m , Monday - Friday

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