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NZ Maori Council has told an immigration advisor and the National Union of Students to pull their he

IMAGE: Immigration Advisor Harris Gu who claims: I have been working closely with a former Minister of Immigration and am experienced in representing client in Tribunal Appeal, Ministerial Intervention, Section 61 Request & Ombudsman Complaint.

NZ Maori Council has told an immigration advisor and the National Union of Students to pull their heads in / COVID 19 – say no to relaxing immigration roles for IRAN and CHINA

The New Zealand Maori Council has hit back at immigration advisor Harris Gu who has gone to the human rights commission claiming the Governments current policy banning the entry of people from Iran and China calling him “irresponsible” and “profiteering”.

The Councils Executive Director, Matthew Tukaki, has gone further suggesting any license to operate as an immigration advisor that Mr Gu has should be suspended:

“This little grub is running a business and all that is happening here is his market has dwindled and he is having a whinge – but by having a whinge he is wasting the resources of the Government and his claim before the human rights commission is a nonsense – Mr Gu if you don’t like the fact that the Government has acted to protect the health of New Zealanders then may you want to be running your business from Iran? I mean lets face it people arriving from Iran have been infected.” Tukaki said

“This sort of behaviour by people involved in the international student sector and operating as immigration advisors should tell the rest of New Zealand just how money hungry some of them actually are. And; maybe this is the clearest signal yet that we need to clean up these two industries and if that means shutting some of them down then lets not delay.” Tukaki said

“The reality is we are facing a health and an economic crisis and all of the tools and resources of the Government and frontline health sector must be engineered towards beating this pandemic – of keeping New Zealanders safe and secure – not entertaining grubs like Mr Gu.” Tukaki said

“As for the National Student of Unions – I would advise them to focus on student welfare of those studying right now and have a little thought for the additional stress on the health system the nonsense of Mr Gu would bring.”

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