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Waitemata District Health Board should be sacked

Another patient dies by suicide – Waitemata District Health Board should be sacked and a Commissioner APPOINTED

  • KEY POINTS: Four suicides related to the same DHB facility / PPE and COVID19 – Nurses infected / Quality of care sub-standard / DHB Board should be sacked / Senior Management should be sacked

The National Maori Authority has called for the sacking of the Waitemata District Health Board and a review of management practices after an investigation into a suicide “that was not just preventable but should never have been allowed to happen”. Said Matthew Tukaki, the Authority Chair.

“The reality is this District Health Board is a nightmare and they move from one rolling train wreck to another. We have seen the mess that is Personal Protection Equipment and the COVID19 infection of nurses putting members of the public, patients and other staff at risk – but this latest report highlights it’s not just primary health where this DHB is letting us all down – its in the mental health and suicide prevention space as well.” Tukaki said

Tukaki was referring to the case of Tamaki Heke (24) and the North Shore Hospital's He Puna Waiora clinic. Heke's suspected suicide came just four days after a fellow patient at the unit also died suddenly.

“Then there is the case of Stephen Richard Kapeli, found dead on Takapuna Beach on April 11, 2017 - a week after he went missing from the inpatient facility – the same facility. There are more cases that to be frank require an immediate response and no further delays. That means the appointment of an independent commission to inquire over all aspects of the DHB, the Board and Management. Enough is enough.” Tukaki said

“The reality is the DHB model is not fit for purpose in today’s New Zealand – it’s a mess, it’s a spender of unnecessary funds that should be focused on actual service delivery instead of endless amounts of administration and if that means nationalisation then so be it. The other thing I would strong argue for is both a National Health Service and a National Maori Health Fund Authority so more funding and resources heads straight to the front line – that’s both for Primary Health and Mental Health services – but clearly also aged care and disability support services.” Tukaki said

“And while we wait for some sort of magic “nothing to see here” report from Heather Simpson and heath review let’s take a reality check – it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, candy floss and hoop hurrah – the DHB system is old, archaic and stripped of any value to ensure the health and welfare of Maori in particular”. Said Tukaki.

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