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Tukaki to restructure Maori Carbon: the focus is on opportunities for Maori

Tukaki to restructure Maori Carbon: the focus is on opportunities for Maori

“We are fortunate to have Matthew on board to see us through this next phase of the Maori Carbon Foundations growth”. Sir Mark Solomon

Matthew Tukaki has been appointed as the interim CEO of the Maori Carbon Foundation with Chair, Sir Mark Solomon, saying Mr Tukaki brings an immense amount of experience when it comes to change management and reform, business growth and sustainability.

“We are fortunate to have Matthew on board to see us through this next phase of the Maori Carbon Foundations growth. Not only does he have a wealth of business and commercial experience (as the former head of the world’s oldest and largest employment companies Drake International) his four years as Australia’s Representative to the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) where he was also appointed to the institutions global board by former Secretary General Ban Ki Moon (2013). During that time, he was at the forefront of both climate change and sustainability. More recently Matthew has been at the forefront of the Te Ao Maori world when it comes social, economic, and environmental affairs”.

Matthew Tukaki said that the opportunity for Maori in the carbon sector is incredibly vast:

“In all reality this is exactly the sort of industry that will provide Maori with higher wages and greater skills when it comes to jobs. We should never ever just be a group of people planting trees – our people deserve much more – including management, administration, governance and so on. Technology opportunities, trading platforms and much more. Then there is the opportunity to join the global market when it comes leading carbon sovereignty”.

“My role is to restructure the organisation and prepare it for every opportunity possible for Maori in the carbon sector”. Tukaki said

“This will also include the announcement in the next few weeks of a new Board, new products and services. And I will also say this – Maori not only have a role to play when it comes to the carbon market – but also sovereignty around water, waste and energy – I’ll be making additional announcement shortly."

Mr. Tukaki also has the Chairmanship of the National Maori Authority and is Executive Director at the New Zealand Maori Council – both roles he will retain.

Tukaki is best known as the former head of Drake International, one of the world's oldest employment companies and latterly as the founder of Entrehub, formally co-founder of the Sustain Group, formerly a director of the board of Australia's Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and a current member of Australia's peak mental health body, Suicide Prevention Australia. He was previously chair of Deakin University's Centre for Social and Responsible Organisations, chair of the international advisory board of the joint initiative between the United States National Science Foundation and the University of Sydney (BESERG). He is a bestselling author of more than ten eBooks ranging from social media engagement, sustainability and entrepreneurship to raising capital and crowd funding. In 2015 Tukaki was appointed as chair of Australia's National Coalition for Suicide Prevention and has been a non-executive director of the board of that country's peak mental health body, Suicide Prevention Australia. Tukaki served as Chair of Suicide Prevention Australia between November 2017 and April 2019. In March 2018 Tukaki was appointed as executive chairman of the National Maori Authority Ngā Ngaru Rautahi O Aotearoa and in mid 2018 became the Chair of the New Zealand's Maori Council Tamaki (Auckland) and a member of the National Executive of the New Zealand Maori Council (where he also serves in the role of Executive Director). In April 2019 he was invited to be Chair of the Royal Commission into Abuse in State Care Appointments Panel. Tukaki remains a member of a number of private and public sector boards.

Tukaki is of Ngai Te Rangi descent and has strong tribal affiliations with Matakana Island which is off the coast of the city of Tauranga in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. Tukaki attended St Patrick's College, Silverstream (88–92) in Wellington, New Zealand. He is the Great Grandson on his mother's side of Sir Charles St Julian who served on the Waverley council in 1860 and as its chairman in 1861. He went on to serve as an alderman on the Marrickville Borough Council from 1868 to 1871, and as Mayor from 1868 to 1869 and again in 1871. In February 1870, he became a magistrate. St. Julian remained as Law Reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald until 1872, when King Seru Epenisa Cakobau appointed him Chief Justice of Fiji.

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