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Aucklanders need to stay home – pressure on Northland & health services is arrogance

“Calls on “arrogant” holiday homeowners to stay put…”

The Executive Director of the New Zealand Maori Council has warned Aucklanders not to put pressure on Northland health and community services by abandoning the City and heading to their holiday homes during the level three lockdown. Tukaki has said all they are doing is potentially spreading COVID19 and being irresponsible and selfish:

“Reports into me are suggesting that the roads are beginning to clog north and towards places like the Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty as people leave for Holiday homes – if you are a non-resident of Auckland then by all means travel home – but if you are a resident of Auckland stay put and be responsible. By heading North or to other places all you are doing is potentially putting pressure on health and community services in those locations that are already under pressure.” He said

“Northland is already doing it tough because of the recent floods and the thing they don’t need is to have people put pressure on services when they are already in demand. Its incredible to think these privalaged few with holiday homes have the arrogance to put other communities at risk.” Tukaki said

“The Police checkpoints should be turning them around and to be frank these people need to take a long hard look at themselves. Maori know full well the arrival of a virus in our communities, particularly in the North, and until we know more about the community spread people need to stay put – and if Maori checkpoints do start springing up then don’t come whining to me.” Tukaki said

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