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Chair of Oranga Tamariki Ministerial Advisory Board welcomes report from the Independent Children’s

The Chair of the Independent Ministerial Advisory Board of Oranga Tamariki, Matthew Tukaki, has today welcomed the release of the Independent Children’s Monitors report and has echoed the comments of the Children’s Commissioner and the CEO of Oranga Tamariki:

“The reality is we have much work to do to break the back of the number of children coming into the care of the State and the report of the Board, Te Kahu Aroha, really added both purpose and vision to this next stage – which will be in one part to hold the Agency and the CEO to account but also to ensure the implementation of the very plan that will achieve change.”

“The work of both the Independent Children’s Monitor and the Children’s Commission along with a range of other parties has continued to shine a light on the challenge faced by whanau and communities but for intense purposes the talk is over and action on the ground is what is needed” Tukaki said

“The new Future Direction Plan, aligned with the recommendations of Te Kahu Aroha, that have all been accepted by the Government, is where we need to spend time and attention – and as the Independent Board we will continue to hold the leadership team to account. But at the same time I do not want anyone to underestimate the challenge of the change program ahead – it will take time and it will take all of us pulling the same direction; the same waka” Tukaki said

Tukaki thanked the Independent Children’s Monitor for their mahi and dedication to the cause and also welcomed the response of the CEO of Oranga Tamariki, Chappie Te Kani


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