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Chairman of the Maori Authority calls for the immediate arrest of Northlander after offensive images

The Chairman of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called on Police to intervene and immediately arrest well known conspiracy theorist, Karen Brewer. Brewer, who has already previously been arrested for breaching COVID19 orders and has been bailed to her home address, has posted disturbing content online that Tukaki has called offensive beyond belief.

“Brewer is not just well known to authorities she has been warned, arrested and charged for her activities. But her latest posts are not just offensive, they are down right purile filth.” Tukaki has said.

“The post is too distressing to show or share – but it does involve the use of an image of well known Maori New Zealander who has recently passed away invoking that the persons death was not be accident but related to his push to have our people vaccinated. It is a lie, it is filth and to be frank I think I speak for all New Zealanders that Brewers bail be revoked and she immediately be arrested and the court order her to no longer be able to post online, use devices that can post online or have access to the internet” Tukaki said.

“This is yet another example of people like Brewer not just spreading mis-information but using Maori as a weapon to ply her message and trade. Enough is enough – and if that means the laws be strengthened to stop this sort of behaviour then to be frank – so be it.” Tukaki said

Tukaki would not share or repost the image that Brewer has posted and has written to the Police to immediately being an investigation.


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