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Former ACT MP invokes Nazism in describing “Maori Supremacy” – Maori Council calls for her sacking

Former ACT MP invokes Nazism in describing “Maori Supremacy” – Maori Council calls for her sacking

The New Zealand Maori Council’s Executive Director has called for the sacking of Dr Murial Newman after she quoted Nazi murder Dr Joseph Goebbels when referencing what she is calling “Maori Supremacy” in an article for the “Star News”. Mr Tukaki has labelled the article racist, a disgrace and disgusting:

“The Star should sack this right wing apologies for atrocities on Indigenous peoples and Maori, they should withdraw the article and they should not give coverage to this sort of filth – who in todays modern world feels its ok to quote a Nazi? A Nazi who we know was instrumental in the killing of millions of people? When in New Zealand society was it okay for this to be the type of free speech that was acceptable?” Said Tukaki

“Newman has written a rambling defence of her views in such a way that it is both demonising and dehumanising. It demonises Maoridom our culture, our language and we must stand up to the tide of this sort of view and opinion. That is not free speech invoking quotes from a Nazi” Tukaki said

Tukaki has also said that the leader of ACT, David Seymour, needs to ensure that Newman, a former ACT Party MP has nothing to do with the party and will also be writing to Speaker Trevor Mallard to review all of the former MPs entitlements:

“I know David is a good man and he would be crawling in his skin by one of his own former MPs invoking a Nazi but he does need to state clearly this is not the view shared by his Party. Moreover I will be writing to the Speaker of the House to ensure that there is a review of any entitlements this former MP has – the taxpayer should not be funding this sort of person to write this sort of hoha rubbish. Enough is enough.” Tukaki said

“And for the record – I will be asking the Human Rights Commission to investigate – I will say again and again until the cows come home – the invoking of Nazism in this country is not who we are are and we should not tolerate it.” Tukaki said


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