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Maori Authority backs the Government to change immigration laws to boot out criminals

The Chairman of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has weighed into support the deportation of terrorists and those convicted of serious offences. In the last few days the Government has indicated they are exploring the idea and also having a look at what other jurisdictions have been doing. Tukaki has said it’s a pretty straight forward process and long over due:

“To be frank if you want to come to this country and then go on to commit serious crimes then your citizenship should be revoked. There is no room for manoeuvre on that front and the law should be changed to reflect that.” Tukaki said

“More to the point we need to also harden our resolve when it comes to those who also hold forms of permanent residency – crimes like murder, attempted murder, sexual offences and drug trafficking are obviously not acceptable. This is exactly how Australia has been treating New Zealand citizens and permanent residents so to be frank we should enact the same processes. To be frank I also think we need to make some decisions around the character test and on that front if it was up to I’d be booting out those conspiracy theorist guys. ” Tukaki said

“When you consider the Lyn Mall accused came to New Zealand and we had no real room to move when revoking his residency and obviously we should tighten things up in respect of the Christchurch terrorist – but to be frank all New Zealand citizens should feel safe at home and not scared by what might be lurking in a dark corner.” Tukaki said

“Its time to just get on with it – change the laws, bring them up to speed and lets get the job done in this term of Parliament” Tukaki said


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