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Maori Authority calls for immediate investigation into the circulation of white supremacist brochure

Maori Authority calls for immediate investigation into the circulation of white supremacist brochures ahead of the Tauranga byelection – enough of Nazi salutes, racism and hoha

The Chair of the National Maori Authority has called for an urgent inquiry into racism and the distribution of pamphlets in Tauranga ahead of the byelection saying that all New Zealanders should decry what is going on. Tukaki has called on the New Zealand Electoral Commission and the Human Rights Commissions to begin investigating the circulation of a brochure in Tauranga entitled “Its alright to be white” as well as any involvement or connection with Hobsons Pledge, if there is any association involved with the Rhodesian Services Association and if any donations from these interest groups are funding direct action campaigns in the electorate:

“No New Zealander should accept that these organisations or individuals should have the ability to openly and freely distribute material like this – no one. Anything that says “White People Awake – Save the White Race” is an absolute disgrace and frankly I have ahd enough. Can you imagine a person of colour receiving this in their letterbox? How about a Kaumatua or an nanny? How about a young person of colour who gets home from work or school only to find that in the mail box? In 2019 we also saw pvolvamphlets being distributed by Hobsons Pledge and let me tell you it’s a bloody disgrace. If this isn’t racism then what is because it sure as hell isn’t free speech”

“Anyone involving themselves in political campaigns should be known to the public. If you are not bold enough to show your face and name in public then to be frank the material should be destroyed the people or organsiations identified and prosecuted. Some of these organisations are openly playing the race card playing into the byelection and if we do not nip it in the bud then to be frank we are going to see this amplified during the 2023 campaign. And by the way David Seymour and the ACT party can damn well take responsibility for fanning the flames of this new operating environment whereby people like this think they are emboldened. Seymour the other day hoped people could have polite conversations – well David, is this the sort of polite conversation you were wanting them to have?” Tukaki said

Tukaki will be writing to the Human Rights Commission and the New Zealander Electoral Commission to launch investigations immediately. Tukaki also called on residents of Tauranga to dob whoever it is in that is distributing the material.

A Hobsons Pledge circulated before the 2019 campaigns

Christchurch partygoers dressed up as prisoners of a concentration camp doing the nazi salute - one person dressed as Hitler


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