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Maori Authority Chair says Swatika too far calls on Maori protestors to return to the Marae

The Swatika, Symbol of Nazism painted above the words of truth and freedom at the protest on NZ Parliament Grounds.

The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has asked Maori in the crowd to return home and that they run the risk of their Kaupapa being hijacked by the Alt right wing groups amongst them. Tukaki, who has been scathing in his views of the core group of the so called Freedom Coalition also responded to comments made by Bishop Brian Tamaki on Tukaki’s Facebook page over the weekend:

“There are whanau down at the protest who have a diverse range of Kaupapa they want to shine a light on from the taking of their Tupuna’s lands through to the state of the mental health system, from the education system to housing. There are some down there with long standing criticism of the way they have been treated by authorities. I get all that and if you want that Kaupapa to be heard then standing in mud sodden grounds at the National Parliament is not that place. If you want to korero then take your Kaupapa back to the Marae” Tukaki said

“What some whanau are not getting is that the other groups down there don’t care about the raising of the Tino Rangatiratanga flag nor do they know or care of its meaning. They don’t care about Maori issues or Kaupapa and many down there have openly been in Opposition to Maori rights and interests including farming groups. When you stand next to, as a Maori, symbols that have oppressed and murdered people of colour over the last several centuries such as the Maori flag flying next to a Confederate flag or near where someone spray painted the Swastika on a statue – need I remind whanau what those two symbols did? Enslaved and murdered people of colour” Tukaki said

“Maori symbols, including the Haka and our flags are being appropriated for spin on social media accounts by the Al right wing who are down there every day using our people as click bait so they can increase their presence. If you think they care about Maori then you are wrong.”

Tukaki also addressed Brian Tamaki’s comments on Tukaki Facebook account on Saturday that alluded to the boosters being a sham and there needed to be an immediate overhaul of the political system in New Zealand.

“First of all this is a democracy and Brian Tamaki has a right to have his say – but he also has a responsibility to stop inflaming a situation that everyone knows full well will end up with a result in the months to come. The mandates will inevitably go, the borders are already flagged as re-opening this year – but for the time being everyone is trying to keep infection numbers down. If Brian wants to prosecute his case at the ballot box then there is an election next year. If you have the support across this so called Freedom Coalition then state your case and run for election like everyone else in 2023. Until then – we all have a job to do and that is to keep this spread of COVID19 supressed to the point where are whole country is not completely overwhelmed by it” Tukaki said

“At the end of the day you have had your say and you have been heard – if you want to prosecute your Kaupapa return to your Marae and kanohi ki te kanohi as Maori have done for generations. Lets talk about the Kaupapa and find ways and means of solving the same problems that other Maori face as well – health, education, housing, cost of living. Its time to return to your whares.” Tukaki said


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