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Maori Authority tells ACT Leader to cut the dog whistle racism out and grow up

The Chairman of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has lashed out at ACT Party Leader, David Seymour, calling him a dog whistler desperate for votes. The accusation comes after Seymour called for a referendum on Governance with an obvious attack on Maori.

“Seymour has decided this is his playbook, with the ascendency of the National Party starting to take back votes that were bled to ACT, Seymour is doing the only thing he can think of and that is to race bait, to round in on Maori and create further division just as he did during the debate on He Pua Pua and the standing up of the National Maori Authority. Its grubby, smacks of filth and certainly smacks of racism” Tukaki said

“For the last couple of years Seymour and his right wing cronies have used Maori and Maori Kaupapa as a political football – and its all to scrape the bottom of that barrel. Seymour has no idea about the relationship between Maori and the Crown, the only one creating division is him. As for a bottom line that there must be a referendum if someone wants to party with him in Government let me say this – any political party that wants to back this sort of hoha idea and the tens of millions of dollars it would cost is another example of hypocrisy” Tukaki said

“My message to Seymour is grow up and stop wasting peoples time by introducing racist tactics into what other wise should be a nation built on good and cohesive policy” Tukaki said


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