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Maori to seize opportunities of food security in Aotearoa

Te Waka Kai Ora: National Māori Organic Authority presents: He Whenua Rongo an online event 11-12 May 2022

He Whenua Rongo is an open online event where we will hear from a diverse range of kai producers and explore the future of sustainable practices inspired by our tupuna.

He Whenua Rongo is a movement, a call to all to come together and learn about Kai and Soil resiliency and what it means to practice Hua Parakore organic principles grounded in Tikanga Māori.

He Whenua Rongo is also a Kaupapa Māori research project on Māori food systems, including aspects of resilience, sustainability, and Kaupapa Māori approaches to soil and kai stewardship.

Te Waka Kai Ora and Te Papawhakaritorito Charitable Trust are working with Aatea solutions to create a movement and we want to extend an invitation to all who value the importance of Food and Soil sovereignty to be part of this event and the research project that will inform and provide insights into approaches to Māori food resilience and sustainability into the future.

Dr. Jessica Hutchings founder of Te Papawhakaritorito and leader in Māori food systems approaches says “It is predicted that there are only 60 harvests left in the world due to the fast-eroding rates of topsoil. This is a global soil health emergency, the time to stand up for mother earth is now”

Key Themes for discussion and workshops include Kai and Soil resiliency through Hua Parakore – Māori organics, Reclaiming Māori Kai sovereignty, Why commercial Hua Parakore Māori Organics makes sense, Māori urban food security, Tēnei te tira hou: Rangatahi empowerment in the Māori kai & Soil sovereignty space.


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