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National Maori Authority calls on a boycott of XERO following emergence of donations ACT Party

National Maori Authority calls on a boycott of XERO following emergence of donations to the ACT Party & in response to referendum call

The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called on Maori organisations, Iwi and Hapu to pull any products, software or investments from some of New Zealand’s richest businessman after David Seymour thanked the for donating to his party on the eve of mounting a campaign against Maori through the calling on of a referendum. In email to party faithful ACT Party Leader David Seymour thanked Rod Drury, Graeme Hart, Stephen Jennings, Craig Turner, Grant Baker where he also mentioned “We are not part of some bizarre South Pacific experiment, dividing New Zealand into Tangata Whenua (land people), here by right, and Tangata Tiriti (treaty people), lucky to be here.”

“Why should Maori buy products from the organisations these people own, services they charge us an arm and a leg for, software in our organisations that we pay a premium on when some of that money is then going on to be donated to the very Party that we see our people and our culture side lined? Why we would spend one cent of our hard earned money on these rich entitled blokes only for them to fund a campaign against us?” Tukaki said

“ And that is why I am calling on al Maori organisations, Hapu and Iwi to stop using and products and services from these people and where there might be investments with them review them. And that includes XERO and there accounting software. Enough is enough – ACT is nothing more than playing dog whistle politics and if you don’t like Maori then why should Maori money go to fund you.” Tukaki said

The campaign will get underway as a result of the ACT Party’s new policy announcement demanding a referendum on Maori governance that, as Seymour has said, is a bottom line in any negotiations to form Government.

“Rich, entitled blokes might want to think twice about who they are supporting with their donations – if your beef is with the Government then state that’s the reason – but if your beef is with Maori then expect a fight” Tukaki said


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