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National Maori Authority launches online campaign to prepare whanau on what to do if Omicron hits

The National Maori Authority has started a social media campaign called “its time to prepare for Omicron”. The Chair, Matthew Tukaki, has said it is inevitable that Omicron will enter the community and that the majority of those impacted will be self isolating at home:

“We know its likely that the cases will grow and grow rapidly – this has been the experience in Australia and Europe – but there are things we can all do know to prepare our homes without doing a run on the supermarkets at the last minute! In actual fact many probably already have what they need to spend time in isolation at home. So the first thing to do is make a stocktake of whats in your cupboards and what else you might need” Tukaki said

“Its also an opportunity for communities to being to network, neighbourhoods to come together and build local networks – if you have some spare kai and resources – share them; especially with older members of your communities or those who might be doing it tough” Tukaki said

“The campaign we are rolling out today is nothing more than a social media campaign with a focus on four areas:

1. Prepare your Pantry

2. Ready your Health

3. Ready your Network

4. Prepare your whanau

Tukaki has said the campaign will be run across social media platforms and across its networks and Tukaki has also said he will be heavily promoting the initiative on Iwi Maori Radio beginning Monday evening. An outline of the campaign message is below:

Whanau it is time to prepare for Omicron. Aside from the call to get vaccinated its time to also ready your whanau and ready your whanau in the case that you might need to isolate. There are some basic things we can all do now – and some of it would def make Nan proud! The first thing is to “Prepare your Pantry”. Make sure you have the basics in your pantry, and it doesn’t need to be a lot so don’t make a run on the Countdown! Items could include:

· Have some canned goods in the cupboard

· Ingredients that can make the basics such as rewena (bread)

· Maybe some cups of soup and things that are easy to make

· Fresh fruit and vegetables wherever possible (or the frozen ones)

· Enough supplies to get you through

Also make sure you have the emergency contact details for your local hauora, health provider or GP, social services and community organisations and even MSD who might all be enabled to support you with care and kai packs as you self isolate with your whanau

Ready your health:

Make sure you try and stay in touch with your local GP or even ask the question do I have my scripts? Is there anything else I might need in case I need to self isolate? Things such as:

· Prescription medication

· Health products and cleaning products

· Masks and hand sanitiser

Ready your network:

Know who you might need to call for help and support or someone you just might need to korero with. For example, have a few people in your immediate whanau or community who could support you or who you could equally support if need be. Keep your phone numbers handy and importantly share with your whanau what the network plan is.

Prepare your whare:

If you are self isolating make sure your whare is ready – are things in the places where they need to be? We know this might sound a little mundane but have you got plenty of fresh towels and sheets ready to go, all the washing is done and the cupboards are organised – that you know how you might ant to manage your isolation whether it be a 3 bedroom house or a two bedroom unit? Start thinking now – and if you are unsure call your local support agency to ask for advice!


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