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Nazism on show as Christchurch partygoers dress as Hitler, Concentration camp victims

The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called the photos emerging on social media of people at a party in Christchurch dressed in Nazi concentration camp clothes and one person dressed as Adolf Hitler as disgusting and evil.

The widely circulated photo posted to Instagram has, Mr Tukaki, said given further rise ot the concern that among some young people that far from recognising the genocide of Jews in the Second World War that its now accepted, by some not all, that its now ok. Mr Tukaki said its never ok:

“What makes me particularly sick is that the rest of decent human society knows that the evil visited on the Jewish people in the lead up to and during the Second World War was evil. Hundreds of thousands, millions were either killed or wounded and for these people to make light of that at a party is just plain wrong.” Tukaki said

“lets unpack this further – they knew what they were doing because one of them or all of them would have made or commissioned those uniforms and then organised them for the very party they were attending. I am sure they did not go down to the local costume hire and pick them up. But then I wonder just how many of them had grandparents or great grandparents who served in that war – because my grandfather and my whanau fought against this evil – they fought to liberate the concentration camps and to stop the rise of Nazism so these little hua’s could enjoy the very freedoms they have today” Tukaki said

“And more to the point they take the mickey out of us? Well I think we should take the mickey out of them because unless I am wrong they are yet to apologise or respond to inquiries. At the very least they are adults and this is what adulting looks like. Grow up.” Tukaki said

“To be even franker with you id like to know exactly where their parents are on this and id also like to know what type of employer would employ these sorts of individuals. And by the way where is the so called Human Rights Commission? Where is our watchdog? Because right about now I cant hear or see them.” Tukaki said


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