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Capacity Building Series

Governance best practice, funding and revenue diversification

Wellington NZ 25th of February 2019 9am-4pm

Nga Ngaru Capacity and Capability Building Series

Workshop: Governance, best practice and you – harnessing the potential of reform  

  • Who should attend? CEO’s, Board Members, CFO’s, Finance Directors, Executive Directors, General Managers

  • Key learning outcome: How to build a stronger more agile organisation by ensuring you have the right governance structures in place



Governance is a serious issue for a range of organisations and ensuring you have best practice framework is important. In this half day intensive workshop we take you through the core elements of what best practice governance frameworks are, why they are important and why they can be useful to your organisation to assist in its growth or development.


We take a look at what defines good members, how to build performance indicators around individual members and the broader board, developing board member job descriptions, why the constitution or trust deed is important and why it is sometimes necessary to ensure that board performance is both measured and understood.


This step through process will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to head back to your organisation and conduct an initial review of current structures and to plan ahead of the implementation of potential new and improved processes and frameworks.

Specifically we will focus on the following:

  1. What does a best practice governance framework look like

  2. Why is it important to have best practice governance frameworks in place for iwi organisations

  3. How to identify and attract talent

  4. Building a performance management framework for board members

  5. Building and developing individual role descriptions for board members

  6. Why an organisations constitution or trust deed is so important



Workshop leader: Matthew Tukaki, former head of Drake International, Chairman of Australia’s National Coalition for suicide prevention, Chairman of the Board of the Sustain Group and NewsNow. Matthew Tukaki has a significant background in building and developing boards. He has been a member of both private and public sector boards for more than fifteen years and has been responsible for the implementation of best practice board reform and management

The Basics

Cost for attending:


$395 per person


Maximum number of attendees:


20 participants per location 



Wellington 25th February 2019

Download the flyer

Mere Balzer, Chair of Ngā Ngaru Rautahi O Aotearoa Inc. & CEO of Te Runanga O Kirikiriroa
Workshop Leader: Matthew Tukaki
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