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New atlas for Te Waipounamu’s Ngāi Tahu

Te Waipounamu’s Ngāi Tahu have taken innovation to whole new heights in the development of a new interactive map aimed at boosting awareness of key Māori places, traditional travel routes and history associated with locations. The online atlas is called Kā Huru Manu and currently has more than 1,000 points of interest or content - take a look at the map HERE

"Ngāi Tahu inherited from earlier iwi, a complex infrastructure of ara tawhito (traditional travel routes) throughout Te Waipounamu, which were the arteries of important social and economic relationships. They provided access to resources, trade, and mahinga kai. Over generations of use, Ngāi Tahu hapū and whānau developed an extensive and intimate knowledge of the place names, stories, mahinga kai resources, resting places, and natural features associated with each ara tawhito."

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