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Maori Authority Chair says ACTs alternative budget is Maori bashing, excludes women, ethnic peoples

The Chair of the National Maori Authority has called ACT New Zealand’s alternative budget fantasy and has said that the calling in it for the abolishment of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific Peoples Affairs and the Ministry of Maori Development is the opposite to what they call open democracy by essentially silencing the voices of ethnic groups and women. The ACT Party has also said they will abolish the Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of Ethnic Communities:

“This is the ACT Party showing their true colours – silencing the voices of Tangata Whenua through the abolishment of the Ministry of Maori Development and the Officer of Maori Crown Relations and then also Women and ethnic minorities. They say they are for democracy but it appears all along its just their version of it. And in their alternative budget they do something even more irresponsible – they say expenditure on these types of organisations are waste – well ACT I say to you Maori, Women, Pacific whanau and people of colour or from diverse backgrounds are not a waste – they contribute massively to the fabric of this country and deserve respect” Tukaki said

“But ACT doesn’t stop there. Essentially they are saying policies related to climate change are also a waste of money. Well ill say this, climate change is one of the single biggest issues facing us and our children’s children – its not something to be called a waste of money. And unless they missed the report out two weeks ago this is a very large New Zealand problem that needs solutions not glib one liners scraping the bottom of the barrel.” Tukaki said

“But wait there is more – they are going to go further and abolish job related schemes that also target Maori in low social economic communities and our young people such as He Poutama Rangatahi – and what do they propose to replace it with? NOTHING.” Tukaki said

“My message to the National Party is this – stand up for Maori and people of colour. Stand up for Women and ethnic communities – you want to rebuild a diverse and broad church National Party? Then this coalition Party is not it.” Tukaki said

Tukaki said he is tired of Maori issues, people and communities being used as a political football:

“For too long Maori have been kicked about like a political football. Stand back and think for a moment who is the problem when they kick the ball? Its not Maori, its not our elders, its not our children and it sure isn’t our culture. End the politics of race”


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