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Auckland DHB Board smacks of privilege

Matthew Tukaki, Chair of the National Maori Authority has called the actions of the Chair of the Auckland District Health Board and some members an absolute disgrace when it became public that they have taken COVID19 vaccinations ahead of frontline workers and the most vulnerable. Tukaki has said it “smacks of privilege and shows that those is the ivory towers of the health system are out of touch with every day people”

“I find it disgraceful that this happened that a privileged few have decided they somehow qualify ahead of the vast bulk of the population and quite frankly if they are out of touch with what is actually happening on the front line with our critical health care and border workers as well as our most vulnerable then those board members should hand in their access cards and be on their way – in other words resign.” Tukaki said

“What appals me even further is they somehow thought that this would pass some sort of test. But to the casual observer it might look like a privalaged few are just prepping for the borders to open so they can go on holiday with proof they have had their shots. Meanwhile back in the real world there is still a great deal of nervousness out there across the country about COVID19 and where to from here so their actions are just completely and utterly out of touch.” Tukaki said

“Look, we have tns of thousands of vulnerable whanau and frontline workers across the country and we should focus our time and attention on them and then ensure the plan that has been approved is fully implemented. I for one, even though I Chair this and that Board or have all of these other roles, will not be queue jumping.”

Tukaki has called on the Government to call the Board to account and seek justification as why non-essential staff are queue jumping. Tukaki specifically said Sneddon should step down.


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