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Call for clients to walk away from racist Hurricanes owner

The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called for Troy Bowker to apologise and immediately step down from the Board or the Hurricanes after the franchise shareholder made derogatory comments about Maori saying ““Another example of European NZers not being proud of their own ancestors and sucking up to the left Māori loving agenda. FFS. Wake up NZ.”

Tukaki has slammed Bowker for his comments, called them shameful and has gone further and said he should stand back from his leadership roles:

“I am sick and tired of people like Bowker thinking that somehow they can get away with this sort of derogatory comment just because they live in some sort of ivory tower. Bowker is nothing more than a scrape the bottom of the barrel character that quite frankly is not deserving of any leadership role” Tukaki said

“The Hurricanes have distanced themselves from the comments but what this bloke doesn’t get that even the players, many of them Maori, have heard his words and also must feel ashamed. In fact if you are a person of colour working for this man I’d think twice about your employment – because of this is what he thinks then that workplace must be toxic.” Tukaki said

“And I extend that to his own shareholders and those he does business with – if you agree with him then by all means stick with him. But I have often learnt that money talks and when it walks you’ll soon think twice about your perspective on people of colour – in other words I call on all those clients of Bowker to walk away.” Tukaki said

“And Bowker should hang his head in shame and apologise at the very least” Tukaki said


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