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Call for Independent Inquiry into racial profiling by Police – Maori Council furious at Police IPCA

Call for Independent Inquiry into racial profiling by Police – Maori Council furious at Police and the IPCA

The Executive Director of the New Zealand Maori Council has weighed into the illegal taking of photos of Maori youth in the Wairarapa by the Police by scolding the IPCA for saying they will take a hard look at the issue. Matthew Tukaki has said he not just disappointed in what has happened but is downright flabbergasted by the Polices actions in the Wairarapa:

“Let me be really clear right off the bat – I would not trust the IPCA to manage a rat out of a trap – exactly what have they ever done for Maori and to be frank after years of the sort of behaviour where the auditor investigates both itself and its mates its also time for the hoha to stop.” Tukaki said

“The reality is the Police Commissioner stood before the National hui of the New Zealand Maori Council just a month ago and committed to us that change was happening. Well I am sorry but the very fact that these Officers have been doing what amounts to racial profiling is absolutely not on. Maori and our young people deserve better than to be targeted by a pack of idiots who should have more to do than swing around town taking photos of brown kids. And another thing those officers should be stood down pending an investigation and a commitment by the Police that any photos and data have been deleted. Furthermore an apology by those officers to the kids and their whanau right now.” Tukaki said

“Those actions can be done ahead of any action by the IPCA – in actual fact we need an independent Inquiry into the actions of the Police and furthermore we should look at racial profiling and how policies of the Police are impacting negatively on Maori – and it should not be conducted by the IPCA – because all of the Maori I have spoken to simply do not trust them.” Tukaki said

“Ill be writing to both the Commissioner and the Minister in the coming days – and it wont be a Merry Christmas card I can assure you.” Tukaki said


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