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Landmark deal for Te Ao Maori in building the future signed at the Beehive

The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, who was also until recently Chair of the Maori Spectrum Working Group negotiating with the Crown for the settlement of the historic Radio Spectrum Claim, has welcomed the Governments announcement today bringing into being the Maori Spectrum Authority. The more than $70 million deal will give recognition to not just the future of Te Ao Maori but also to the move to settle a claim that has been on the books of the Waitangi Tribunal since 1990.

“This is a historic day for Maori and is partly about the past and also about the future. Back when the Radio Spectrum claim was taken it was very much about the projection of our language and our stories, our culture across the radio waves and coming off the back of the recognition of Maori as an official language of New Zealand that was always the next step” Tukaki said

“But today the world has changed and so has technology. Our whanau are communicating more online than ever before and we are seeing more content being produced driven by handheld devices. Therefore the ability to use technology to not just jump start that original aspiration but also leapfrog our people into the future is the enticing part.” Tukaki said

“When I took on board the Chairs role 18 months ago I will never forget saying to Ministers and our ropu that the big opportunity here is about building the skills base of young people. The more of our young people who are able to access highly paid and skilled jobs the better because in the end it furthers another aspiration – the more you are able to earn the more likely you are to be able to buy your own home, pay your bills and become financial independent” Tukaki said

“And more than that its about investing in Maori potential from small business to entrepreneurs. As we exit the pandemic can I say this – our future as Te Ao Maori is much brighter. Lets seize the opportunity.” Tukaki said

Tukaki has since retired from the role and has thanked his fellow Board members Piripi Walker, Henare Mason, Antony Royal, Daphne Luke, Haami Piripi, Robyn Kamira and others. "And to be frank if it wasnt for Ministers like David Clark, Willie Jackson, Kris Faafoi and Kelvin Davis this claim could have dragged on longer"


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