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Maori Authority Chair warns National Party Leader – hands off Maori Health Authority or gloves off

Maori Authority Chair warns the National Party Leader – hands off the Maori Health Authority or its gloves off

The Chair Of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has warned the leader of the National Party that simply saying he is going to scrap the newly established National Maori Health Authority is not good enough and has warned him further that should National take Government and follow through Maori will take to the streets and hikoi to push back. The comments come after a TV3 (The Hui) interview in which National Party Leader Christopher Luxon confirmed that National would scrap the Authority:

“Not once did Mr Luxon unveil what his alternative Government would do to address the massive health disparities between Maori and non-Maori and not once did he outline a plan – instead what he did is recognised the problem and appeared to be sympathetic to our plight – well I tell you this shedding tears for a dead Maori who has died prematurely because he or she was unable to access equitable health care is not a plan – why should Maori be dyeing at the expense of Luxons crocodile tears? Why should we all just sit around and wait for the post of “we pray for you” or “get well soon” or worse “I knew him he was such a great guy”? After thoughts and prayers for Africa do not fix what have been longstanding issues around Maori health” Tukaki said

“From diabetes to cardiovascular, from liver and kidney disease to cancers and lung problems, from the health gap between our Tamariki and mokopuna – these are not for politicians to play with in order to garner votes because they buy into this whole hoha around the negatives of co-governance – this is about saving lives and nothing National has done in recent years has made one iota of difference when it comes to Maori” Tukaki said

“This Maori Health Authority is the circuit breaker Maori have been looking for over decades – it has been hard fought for and hard won and My Luxon and his National Party are on notice that if they even move to touch it based on the politics of race that have joined in with the ACT Party to run then they can be sure of one thing – we will see you on the streets in some of the largest protests you will see and ill also warrant them this – glib one line statements without any plan is not a plan its just glib one line statements” Tukaki said


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