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Economic Development & Entrepreneurship

The National Symposium 2nd & 3rd of November 2017  

Main Themes

The focus of the symposium is how do we elevate, grow and develop Māori business and industry, harness the Māori economy and seed both entrepreneurship and innovation. Take a look at out our main themes:

Elevating Māori business

Elevating Māori business is all about looking at more ways and means to further develop the profile of Māori owned and operated / associated business and organisations as well as the immense amount of intellectual property that has been built over many years. ​

Harnessing the Māori economy

What more can we do to grow the Māori economy? Are there additional levers, partnerships or collaboration we can build? What is the potential and possibility of developing trading partnerships between Māori and Indigenous peoples in other countries and how can we take advantage of free trade agreements that have been signed between New Zealand and other nations? What is the Māori economy and what more can we do to build new industries and sectors?

Empowering  Māori entrepreneurship

A growing Māori economy can take advantage of entrepreneurship so how can we do it better or how can we develop and implement additional strategies to empower it? Who else is doing what and where? ​

Growing the Māori asset base

The Māori asset base is valued in the tens of billions. Can we do more to grow it? Exactly what does the asset base look like? what is its mix and where are there opportunities to focus on further development? ​

Seeding innovation 

Innovation in both the public and private sector of the Māori economy is a must. What more can we do to harness innovation across Māori business and the social economy? What new innovative approaches are Māori organisations taking? 

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